WPC Board Manufacturing Machine

WPC Board Manufacturing Machine is divided into various types: WPC Wall Panel Machine, WPC Outdoor Decking Machine, WPC Door Panel Machine, etc.

The WPC Board Manufacturing Machine includes Extruder, Mold, Vacuum Setting Platform, Haul-off Machine, Cutting Machine, Unloading Table etc.

Each Part of The WPC Board Manufacturing Machine Displayed

WPC Wall Panel Machine Introduction

WPC Wall Panel Machine is consisted of conical twin screw extruder, extruder, vacuum shaping table, haul-off machine, cutting machine and stacker. This line adopts automatic control, has the features of high automatic, easy operation and stable and effective production. The finished product WPC Wall Panel can be 300mm, 400mm, 600mm, it can be customized according to different customer requirement.
It can also produce different kind of WPC decorating wall panel, WPC wall board, quick installation pane with different size by changing different kind of mould.

WPC Outdoor Decking Machine adopts intelligent control,high automation,stable equipment,simple operation and high yield.

It is preferred domestic and abroad bamous brand screw,reducer,electric appliance and motor to ensure the quality of the equipment.

WPC Outdoor Decking Machine can change the molds to quickly produce different size wallboard.

WPC Outdoor Decking Machine Introduction

WPC Door Panel Machine

WPC door panel machine process:Mixing of Raw Materials (wood floor + resin + calcium+ additives) – Extrusion -Shaping – Vacuum Forming -Cooling in water bath -Haul-off Machine – Cutting Machine – Stacker

It uses an ABB inverter, low-voltage frequency converter.
Conical twin screws are better adapted to feeding and compressing the material, and for high-speed extrusion.
Advanced control system with automatic temperature regulation to guarantee excellent plasticization, and stable extrusion
World acclaimed intelligent temperature controllers by Omron brand from Japan.
Accurate heating & cooling system consisting of cast aluminum heaters with plate covers and wind fans for barrel cooling.
Reliable drive system that adopts world-famous Siemens motor and gear reducers from Guomao, which is among the best brands in China.

Here are some advantages of our WPC door panel machine